Friday, July 30, 2010

Almost Finished Pinwheel Party Quilt

I have sewn all the blocks together with little pinwheel cornerstones and sashing. There is still another border to go around the quilt with little pinwheel blocks in each corner. Then it will be completely finished except for the quilting. But, wouldn't you know, I'm about 1/4 yard short of fabric for the last border. I really liked this when I started it a few months ago, but now I am not too sure. I love the 30's fabrics but there is just too much white background. I've wanted to make a quilt out of 30's fabrics for a long time, but this one isn't it. I will probably just finish it up and try to sell it.

I've got ideas for about 4 baby quilts for little Anna who will be here before we know it! And I need to get on to making a diaper bag, and bumper pads for the crib. So this will get put away for a while...

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  1. *rubs hands together*

    i think it's just enuf white background....can you say FEATHERS!!!!