Friday, July 22, 2011

Civil War Mission Accomplished!

Well, I got the blocks all sewn together, which was my goal for today!! This section is 84 X 96 1/2. Now I will put 3 borders on it, adding another 8 inches on all sides, which should bring the size to 100 X 112 1/2. The outside border consists of 204 half square triangles--oh, joy!!

I must say, this is the hardest quilt top I have ever pieced! The directions were terrible, horrible, and just plain difficult to follow. I won't even talk about the cutting directions--confusing!!! There were no finished sizes for the 9 patch squares or half square triangles in the various blocks, which makes for inaccurate piecing. I ended up cutting off lots of points, so don't look too closely. A lot of stitching was on the diagonal and you have to be careful not to stretch the fabric. There was no diagram showing how to place the blocks for sewing it all together. I just had to look at the picture of the finished quilt and match up my blocks to theirs. And for the finish, they don't even tell you how to cut the corner blocks!!

My LQS did a great job of sending out tips and tricks. Without their help, I would still be pulling my hair out.

I only had to go back for more fabric once and that was on the center square. I read the directions wrong and cut the squares too small.

On to the borders now, then off to the quilter (wish I could quilt it myself), then binding.

Stay tuned...

Civil War Tribute

The Civil War is almost finished!!!!!

Okay, I'm only 6 months behind on this, but at least I kept plodding on. This is the center of the king size Civil War Tribute Quilt--a BOM from an LQS for 2010. (That's block of the month from a local quilt store for you non quilt talkers). Isn't it pretty!?!

This center block is 36 inches square. There are 36 more blocks to the quilt...some 12 inches and some 18 inches. By the end of today, I am hoping to have all the blocks sewn together.

Stay tuned...