Friday, April 2, 2010

Back to the Party and the Civil War

Now I know why Bridal Lace is so expensive--it has stitch counts in the thousands and takes forever to stitch out. So while one machine was busy stitching lace in the hoop, I went across the hall to my other machine and finished up these quilt blocks.

This is the 5th block in the Pinwheel Party. Very easy and fast. Next week is the halfway block.

And then back to the Civil War Tribute...
I wonder if I can secede from the union of Civil War Tribute quilters? After all, I do live in the south...and like the majority who were tired of the war after the first 3 months, so I am growing weary of this...
I did not like this block. I don't think the directions are all that easy to follow and nowhere could I find what was supposed to be the fiished size of any of the half square triangles or the weird trapezoid shapes. Anyway, I stayed consistent throughout--I stretched all the bias edges and chopped off almost all the points!! And, lo and behold, it came out the correct 18 1/2 inches! Whew--now I have to do one more block this size and 2 12 1/2 inch blocks. The big pieces were hard enough to work with, now I have to make smaller ones???


  1. I think your pinwheels are the probably the prettiest fabric choices I've seen, I really like them!

    I rather like that star block, but it does look like a booger to piece!

  2. Love the pinwheel fabric! It's very dynamic. Thanks for sharing.