Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grandma Sewing

That's the best kind, huh? Anyway, here's the projects I've been working on for Anna.
Bumper pads: I love classic Pooh and I found this fabric at JoAnn and bought what was left on the bolt. If the bumper pads look this good wrapped around my coffee table, imagine what they will look like in Anna's crib! Adorable!

Catherine asked for a sling so she could carry Anna around the house and still have her hands free for different tasks. I made two. I'm not too sure how well the purple one will work. It's called the Mei Tai. Anna is so small, she might slide right out the side--maybe better save that one til she's bigger. And the ties are so long, they are a little hard to maneuver and get situated. The fabric sure is beautiful, though!

Black & white polka dots. This sling is more for a newborn and might work better and its very fashionable, also adjustable and without long ties hanging everywhere.
I really wish I had the one I made when my girls were was great...sturdy denim and easy to hold a baby in. It was more like a pack and you could wear it in front or back.

Okay, next up--baby quilts...ABC's, circus babies, 5 little monkeys...I am going to be busy and have a blast making them!!

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  1. Great projects Karen! I never had a sling for my kids, but I did back pack them everywhere.